Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do You Have Any Allergies?

Last 4 years when i was in the college i have lots of allergies especially that i ate a lot of eggs, beans, and other stuff that has protein. Almost everyday i ate eggs and i notice something wrong with me. One time i experience to have a boils in my legs and butt. Its really crazy thing that i can't even sit because it hurts. I got also high fever because of the boils. So one of my roommates brought me to a clinic to have check-up and have medicine for my boils. The doctor gave me two kinds of medicine and instruction how many tablets i will going to drink and how many hours i should take. We went home and i started to take the medicine that my doctor prescribed. I first drink the other kind of my medicine and next the other one that looks very small. But few hours past something wrong with me. I felt itchy all over my body and felt hot. I almost can't walk and if i stand i might fall. So i called my roommate again and ask help. After another hour i can't i almost can't breath and the itchiness i felt was terrible so i went to my dean that time also her daughter who was a nurse asked me what happened why i have lots of itchiness all over my body and what i ate. Well, to make this story short i told her about the medicine and when she read the name of the medicine and look at the meaning of it in a medical dictionary oh boy i have a wrong prescription that's why i felt terrible. Instead the doctor suppose to give me a boil prescription he gave me an asthma prescription. They brought me to the hospital quick and almost can't breath and felt i am dying. They ask me if i want to sue the doctor for giving the wrong prescription but i don't want to do such thing i believe of forgiving someone. That's my experiences but actually i am really allergic of to much eating egg, chicken, and beans ..... What about you guys, are you allergic of something?


Laane said...

What a terrible experience!
Time to have yourself tested for allergies.

Yes, I'm allergic to a lot of things. Including most fruit and raw vegetables.

I hardly have any problems, because I know how to stay clear from them.