Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last 5 days ago my son has a fever. I cannot figure out what was the caused in it. I tried to check his temperature every 2 hours and if it was high i gave him kids Tylenol to help reduced the fever. I am happy even though he has that fever still he was very playful but still you will notice that he has a fever. What are the common causes of fever?

(pic courtesy of Google)
This are causes of fever that i found:

* bacterial infections
* viral infections
* medications
* illicit drugs
* heat illnesses

Fever is a high temperature that occurs to your body. That's why when i touch to my son's body he was piping hot. Usually the regular temperature is 97 ...Once in a while if my son has a fever it will reaches 104.9 that will make me very worried. But thanks God after of few drops of Tylenol his fever was gone.