Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eat healthy Food

I am very happy that my son eat healthy food just like fruits and vegetables. Hubby was very happy this morning when he saw the fruits are almost gone that he just bought that the other day. I told him that we ate it and love to eat them all. My son loves grapes, mango just like mommy, banana, blueberry, oranges and other fruits in the house. I am really thankful to God He gives me a son that love fruits and it makes me proud of it. A friend of mine told me that she is worried of her hubby and son because they doesn't like to eat fruits and vegetables. They want only meat and meat alone. I feel sorry for her but that's their choice and not mine. Hopefully she can convince them to eat healthy foods. How about you do you believe fruits and vegetables are healthy for you?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last 5 days ago my son has a fever. I cannot figure out what was the caused in it. I tried to check his temperature every 2 hours and if it was high i gave him kids Tylenol to help reduced the fever. I am happy even though he has that fever still he was very playful but still you will notice that he has a fever. What are the common causes of fever?

(pic courtesy of Google)
This are causes of fever that i found:

* bacterial infections
* viral infections
* medications
* illicit drugs
* heat illnesses

Fever is a high temperature that occurs to your body. That's why when i touch to my son's body he was piping hot. Usually the regular temperature is 97 ...Once in a while if my son has a fever it will reaches 104.9 that will make me very worried. But thanks God after of few drops of Tylenol his fever was gone.