5 Tips to Stop Drinking

There are people love to drink and it seems they cannot stop it but my friends you can by this tips. Here are some tips for you to take control of that habit.

1. Establish Your Goals
What are your personal reasons for wanting to drink less? Are you beginning to notice the ugly effects of binge drinking and want to improve your health, appearance and image? Write down your thoughts and let this be a guide for setting some goals.

2. Get Support
Drinking is often a social event, especially during the holidays, so make sure to let your friends and family know that you have some new rules concerning your drinking habits. This will save you from having to face temptations at parties, get-togethers and other events with family and friends.

3. Take a Break
In the quest to reduce your alcoholic intake, try setting aside one day a week where you won't be drinking alcohol. Once this single day becomes easy, make it two days, then three days, then a week. Breaking up your larger goal into smaller goals is not any less of a commitment. Instead, it may actually help you to stick with your goal much longer.

4. Ward off Temptations
When do you tend to drink? Is it at parties or is it when you're alone? Make sure you understand what your temptations are and then devise simple plans to avoid them. Try substituting yummy non-alcoholic drinks and do the same at home. Otherwise, replace your drinking habits with other constructive hobbies, such as exercising, reading, painting, or whatever it is that you enjoy.

5. Don't Give Up
Nowhere in this article did we say it would be easy to stop drinking! Keep your goals in mind along with the reasons you even set these goals in the first place. If you have too many drinks one night, don't let it spoil the goal you're reaching for. Just get right back on track the next day. When you fail yourself, just remember this quote by Robert F. Kennedy: "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." You will succeed if you truly want to get your drinking habits under control or stop drinking altogether.

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anne said...

well girl if the person itself would like to stop it then it would be easy if the person is not ready he/she cannot really resist the temptation have a nice day girl

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Madz said...

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