Cutting Edge Cutlery

If you are a master chef you want the very best cutlery money can buy which is why Shun cutlery is often the choice of the professionals. For over a century Shun knives have been handcrafted in Japan and each and every knife represents a blend of amazingly meticulous craftsmanship and top quality materials. On the other hand if you are a household cook who simply wants to turn out tasty and nutritious meals on a regular basis then something more like a utility kitchen knife that is dishwasher safe and doesn’t need sharpening is probably a better investment.

JA Henckels has been making good value for the money cutlery since 18965 and they have an entire collection of knives which never need sharpening – they are sold under the Everedge and Eversharp brand names and most feature a micro-serrated edge. JA Henckels makes a professional quality line called Eversharp Pro which is designed to be sturdy, hygienic and break proof.

Knife hygiene is a direct function of construction – if a knife has any irregularities or the tang is loose or the rivets not perfectly aligned then the opportunity for germs and bacteria exists. Most professionals wipe their knives with a damp towel to clean them so the entire knife should be smooth and seamless.  

Knife comfort is also a function of design and construction – some cutlery features ergonomically designed handles while other knives are designed to be perfectly balanced. The key is to select knives which you can grasp easily and comfortably – this will help to reduce fatigue.

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