Treating Stress with Essential Oils

The modern world spins at a break neck pace nowadays, with work and finances piling up and up on us all. About a year ago this relentless stress started to have an affect on me and like many of us began feeling incredibly low.

I decided to carry out some research online to try and find some ways of dealing with or handling stress and something that seemed to crop up a lot was an old medicinal technique of aromatherapy. Although there wasn’t much in the way of hard, scientific research conducted on the method, it was widely stated by aromatherapists and its users that the fragranced essential organic oils had a number of mental and physical benefits on the body.

Personally I am a firm believer that there are organic remedies provided by the natural world to help combat any ailments we may have. Given the choice I would much rather try something like aromatherapy than popping pills because to me there is something so unnatural about the latter. So when I read about the aromatherapy technique and the positive feedback that came with it I decided to give it a go.

After looking into it in more detail I found that there are hundreds of different extracts available in the market, all of which, either by themselves or (for more effective results) when blended together give you a specific health benefit.

It turns out that many essential oils help combat emotional fatigue and stress as it is, but in the end I opted for a pure essential oil of neroni diluted in jojoba oil. From the very first usage I could instantly feel a great emotional difference. The impact that the product made was a feeling that can only be described as deeply therapeutic and almost euphoric for the mind.

Although I had actively looked for a specific proven remedy for me, I can certainly see the fun in mixing and matching various oils and seeing what you come out with. This is something that I have attempted since, and to some success to I might add. I managed to blend a pine essential oil; another relaxing stress reliever; with lavender, creating a wonderfully scented and calming fragrance.

I really do not want to come across as being melodramatic, but integrating this into my lifestyle has really eased any tension in my emotional well being. My experiences of aromatherapy means I will certainly be recommending it.

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