Growing obsession with Instagram

Why are people getting obsessed with Instagram? Although the website has been there for more than two years now, but it’s only in the recent few months that the website has been getting more hits. This social bookmarking tool makes use of pin images on pinboards. This is more like an interactive scrapbook where people can come and share images and ideas with ease on any topic. One can also login using their Facebook or Twitter account.
Like any other good social networking site, one can easily connect with others and share notes and exchange ideas. Instagram has only Facebook and Twitter ahead of it. Already brands and small businesses are taking keen interest in this virtual pinboard and see how it can boost their business. One can easily follow the pins of others and find out who all are following your ideas and sharing them with others. Often ideas and images get pinned and repined among users.

The audience on Instagram is quite different from other social networks like Facebook. People use Instagram mainly to get some good ideas such as a new recipe or remodeling their nursery or when they discover a new variety of a herb. In other words, the website is being used to make some good decisions in life and expand information and knowledge on a certain topic. If someone likes your idea, you can be sure that it will soon get circulated among those millions of users on Instagram. So, one can expect all those hits on their pin on the website.
What makes Instagram more interesting is the way the information is given and imbibed here. This visual content and sharing of who you are gives each user a personal space and identity on this huge pinboard. And who knows, many of these users might already be a celebrity of some sorts because of their special talent or what they have to share.
Everything looks so colorful and pretty at Instagram. Although still “invite only,” one can always request an invite on the site which has an extremely intuitive interface social marketers too are showing interest in this new entrant on the scene. After all, this is a great platform to connect o their potential customers. Already social media marketing campaigns are surfacing trying to woo those millions of visitors. There is a huge audience at Instagram that is just waiting to be tapped.
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